Branca's Fiddle Sticks

Repair Service and Sales of Fine Musical Instruments

275 Black Legs Road, P.O. Box 153, West Lebanon, Pennsylvania 15783

Gerry and Lu Branca - Contact us at 724-726-5502 - Evenings and by Appointment!

Fiddle Sticks Services Available to you!

Luthier: "a person who builds and repairs stringed instruments"

Gerry believes his Mountain Fiddle sounds Oriental!

  • I do Major and Minor
    Instrument Repair on All
    Stringed Instruments
  • I also do Inlay Work on
    Fingerboards as well as
    Head Stocks and Tail Pieces
  • Engraving on the Pearl Inlay
    is an added Specialty
"There is really nothing that I cannot do on an instrument."


  • We have access to New Instruments
    Violins, Viola, Banjo,
    Guitar, Uke, Cello, Bass.

  • We are also a Parts Distributer
    for musical instruments.
  • Call 724-726-5502 or click here
    to send an E-mail for more details!
  • We will be happy to accommodate
    your needs!

Gerry is using a Unique Custom Jig for the Re-Hairing of Bows!
Click on image to enlarge!

Gerry shows how thin sides are fitted on a violin body!
Gerry uses an electronic tuner to test this violin part!

Before! This is a violin
just as it came to me.
The piece was missing
from the top of the violin!

During repair process!
During! The new piece
has been grafted-in and
the purfling set in the edge.
Repair cleats have also
been placed along the
graft every 1/2"
Ready to seal and finish!

Ready to Play now!
After! Repaired violin
with all of it's missing
hardware; fingerboard,
pegs, etc... Ready to Play!

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